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Kitchener’s Dave Hurst Plumbing & Heating Inc. knows your pipes see a lot every day, and sometimes all that travels through them takes a toll on their performance. If you’ve noticed that your pipes haven’t been working as well as they were in the past, it may not be an impossible task to fix. A simple call to Dave Hurst Plumbing & Heating may be all that you need.

The company provides drain cleaning and flushing to get your drains working at their best. To get the job done, they have two portable mobile trucks that can arrive at your home to clean out all of your drains. To diagnose the problem and get to those tricky areas, they also use inline camera inspections to ensure that your pipes will be at their best in next to no time.

If that isn’t high-tech enough, the cameras that they use aren’t simple black-and-white cameras — they’re colour cameras. With colour cameras, you can pick up so much more and easily identify what the problem may be.

Of course, they deal with pipes and drains that are used to transfer things of all temperatures. So it doesn’t matter if it’s hot or cold water pressure you’re having trouble with, they’re on the job and can get it fixed for you.

Additionally, you can feel confident going with them because they’re already recognized by both the Ontario Plumbing Association and the Federation of Independent Business, so you know they know their stuff and will have things fixed for you for a fair price. They are TSSA certified, too.

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