Every building has drains, some you see and some you don’t.

Hurst has the technology and the know how to inspect, diagnose and repair and drainage issue your home or business may have.


It can start with a simple inspection, it can finish with an excavation of your lawn and cost you big time. Drainage problems often remain hidden for some time. That’s why it’s important to call us as soon as you think there is an issue. Dave Hurst Plumbing is your partner in solving those issues, big or small. We are do our best to provide solutions that are timely, cost effective and permanent.

Camera Locate – Electronic / Digital Trouble Shooting

Inspecting the health of your pipes with the help of a specialized waterproof camera can help properly locate any potential problem. The cameras used during this operation have been made specifically to pass through drain pipes and to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining a clear picture. Camera inspections are the perfect solution to discovering problems including, but not limited to, blockages and buildup, root intrusion and pipe damage.

At Dave Hurst Plumbing and Heating our plumbers will be able to discover where the problem lies and in most cases fix the given issue without having to dig up your yard or tear up your flooring. Our plumbers thread a camera into your pipes through a sewer cleanout, and uncoil the wire the farther it goes through. This method combines modern technology with traditional plumbing techniques to bring a succinct and capable service to our clients.

HotBox for Hot Water Degreasing of Sanitary Pipe

When it comes to cleaning and degreasing, there is no better solution than hot water. It packs a powerful, unbeatable punch, and can help clear away even the messiest of situations. With degreasing, there are three key elements that we use with our hot water pressure water: heat, agitation and soap. This combination is extremely successful in wiping away any grease build-up, and is what we use at Dave Hurst Plumbing.

Grease, sludge and debris are no obstacle for our plumbers. Our state-of-the-art equipment is specialized specifically to get, and keep your pipes clean. Even the toughest build-ups are within our realm. At the nearest detection of build-up, or just for a routinely cleaning, please give us a call. Our professionals will be able to get your pipes looking as good as new.

Clogged Drains & Sewers

Signs of a clogged drain can rear themselves into your home in many ways. Some signs that you may need to have your drains or sewers unclogged can include: water pooling around  drain, constantly-running or overflowing toilet, puddles near tub, funky smell coming out of kitchen drains, slow running drains, gurgling noises and more. If you are experiencing one of the listed indications, please give us a call right away. However, best practices indicate for homeowners to check their drains routinely.

At Dave Hurt Plumbing, we understand the importance of good, high-performing drains. If your drains are not working up to expectations, the most common problem that you will face will come in the form of very slow draining. Under these circumstances our plumbers have been expertly trained to be able to identify, and clear out the blockage.

Water Main / Sanitary Sewer Repair & Replacement

Equipped with the latest technology, our technicians will be able to replace your sewer pipes and water mains without a hitch. Maintaining the integrity of a property is very important to us, so at Dave Hurst, we make sure to get the job done without having to tear up your property. With years of industry experience, our technicians have been able to  develop a reliable process that has greatly benefitted our clients.

Regardless of how new your sewers are, there will always come a time that they need to be replaced. Over time, sewers are no stranger to becoming blocked, broken or deteriorated. Sometimes outside weather conditions may also effect the need for replacement, and even things such as invasions by tree roots should be considered. If you think that your sewer line needs reparation, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Backflow and Cross Connection Certified

In Ontario, backflow prevention device testers must complete and pass the Cross Connection Control course. Certified testers are provided with both the theoretical and the practical hands-on knowledge needed to test backflow prevention. After successfully completing the course, a person’s qualification is valid for up to 5 years; after the 5 years is up, he/ she must recertify to be considered qualified.

At Dave Hurst Plumbing, our plumbers take the backflow and Cross Connection Control course to keep up to industry standards. The official website states that having this certification “provides testers with the credentials required to test backflow prevention devices within various jurisdictions in Atlantic Canada with a recognized Cross Connection Control program.”

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