Clogged Drains & Sewers

Signs of a clogged drain can rear themselves into your home in many ways. Some signs that you may need to have your drains or sewers unclogged can include: water pooling around  drain, constantly-running or overflowing toilet, puddles near tub, funky smell coming out of kitchen drains, slow running drains, gurgling noises and more. If you are experiencing one of the listed indications, please give us a call right away. However, best practices indicate for homeowners to check their drains routinely.

At Dave Hurt Plumbing, we understand the importance of good, high-performing drains. If your drains are not working up to expectations, the most common problem that you will face will come in the form of very slow draining. Under these circumstances our plumbers have been expertly trained to be able to identify, and clear out the blockage.